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Strength in Numbers.

Long Island consists of over 40% of New York’s population.

It is the most populated island in any U.S. territory or state

Long Island comprises of four counties: Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Nassau and Suffolk. 

As of 2020, more than half (58.4%) of New York City residents live geographically on Long Island in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

Together, we have one of the largest cannabis communities in the world.


We advocate for the growth of a responsible cannabis industry throughout Long Island by connecting local communities and creating awareness through our continuous educational endeavors.

About us

Our membership consists of small to midsize businesses and cannabis professionals committed to creating a unified cannabis industry. We are here to help amplify the voices of each local establishment to ensure they are treated fairly and supported in the communities they serve. 

Long Island is home to one of the most concentrated cannabis communities in the U.S. for medical and recreational use. LICC provides a platform for consumers, decision-makers, and Long Island stakeholders to understand the role of cannabis as plant medicine and a powerful enterprise.


The Long Island Cannabis Coalition (LICC) encourages the growth of a sustainable and responsible L.I. cannabis industry. Consisting of licensed operators, industry professionals, and ancillary businesses, LICC’s focus is to educate and connect local communities, elected officials, and regulators to better understand and meet the needs of the LI cannabis business community.

Our Core Values

Through our commitment to our core values, we foster acceptance and growth of Long Island’s cannabis industry.